I'm Ariel N. Lee

I am a UCLA alum and recently completed my MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Boston University, focusing on machine learning and data analytics. My primary research has been in computer vision and SOTA LLMs. Specifically, I've been working on fine-tuning using LoRA modules to solve specific tasks, with a commitment to releasing high-quality open-source models and datasets. Future work on Mixture of Experts and specialized models!
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Ariel N. Lee, Cole Hunter, Nataniel Ruiz

arXiv preprint arxiv:2308.07317 (2023) | Models & Dataset: garage-bAIndGitHub Repo

Our best model was the global leader in open-source SOTA LLMs at the time of writing. We release our entire dataset, fine-tuning and merging pipeline, and models to the research community.

Ariel N. Lee, Sarah Adel Bargal, Janavi Kasera, Stan Sclaroff, Kate Saenko, Nataniel Ruiz

arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.17848 (2023) - Under Review

Released with this paper are two new datasets: Superimposed Masked DatasetRealistic Occlusion Dataset

8th overall (196 participants) | 1st in AI graduate course challenge (42 participants)

Used a pretrained, Self-Supervised Descriptor for Copy Detection model (ResNeXt101) to find similar, manipulated videos in a dataset of 40,000+ videos. 

GitHub Repo

AI research project for predicting text prompts of generated images using an ensemble of multimodal models, including CLIP, BLIP, and ViT.

Custom, high-quality dataset of 100,000+ generated images, cleaned to have low semantic similarity.

Image prompts scraped from Midjourney discord channel

BU Wheelock Educational Policy Center: Analyzing Classroom Time

MLOps Development Team | Data & Process Engineer

Partnered with TeachForward and Wheelock Educational Policy Center to develop a feature extraction pipeline, analyzing the use of teaching time based on 10,000+ videos of classroom observations. Created a simple user interface for client using gradio and Hugging Face spaces.

Visual Odometry: Mapping Out the Camera Path

3rd in Computer Vision course challenge

GitHub repo

Task: Estimate a camera's path by tracking relative motion between successive frames, only using OpenCV for initial feature detection and matching.

Implemented RANSAC and linear triangulation from scratch for fundamental matrix and camera pose estimation, respectively.